Old Testament – Sessions 8 & 9

I am writing about these two together as session 8 was an independent study session. Both covered the idea of messianic prophecy. This was one of my favourite topics we have covered. I’d never looked at the Old Testament in terms of prophecy, and it really surprised me how many prophetic statements there are through it. There are so many verses that appear to tell of the coming of a Messiah.

One of the videos I watched showed how there are some verses in the Old Testament that, without giving people the Bible reference appear to be written about Jesus in the New Testament. I myself would have thought the same thing if I’d have been shown the verse those in the video had. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEUuZg8Rfg8)

When we all met again, we continued with this topic, and looked at prophecies in the Old Testament, and their fulfilment in the New Testament.

prophecy 1prophecy 2

Looking at these prophecies displayed why Jesus was so revered. Obviously I knew he was, but I hadn’t thought of him in terms of fulfilling prophecy before, as every time I had been taught about him, lessons had focused more on the miracles he performed and his death and resurrection. It was nice to have another viewpoint into who Jesus is for Christians.

Today’s session also taught me what the actual expectation of a Messiah is; who they should be/what they should be like: the Son of David; a political deliverer; military leader; perfectly holy; ideal human being; perfect judge; suffering servant; eternal son of God. Working in pairs, we were given one of these descriptions and had to create a learning resource. This worked well as it allowed us to make sure we understood the prophecy and which messianic expectation it related to. I feel this would be a good teaching tool if I had to teach about prophecy.

All in all, these sessions were extremely interesting and helped me find a new perspective on both the Old and New Testament. I’ll definitely do more independent research on this as it has really intrigued me!


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