Old Testament – Session 7

This session, we looked at the story of Jonah, which surprisingly, I hadn’t heard much about before.


The story tells of Jonah’s struggle with God’s commands after being told to travel to Nineveh to tell the people to stop being bad. Jonah wanted them to be punished, so instead of doing as God said, he tried to escape on a boat. God sent a storm, which resulted in Jonah telling the people on the boat to throw him overboard. God then sends a whale who swallows Jonah, who is then inside the whale for three days and nights. He then gets spit back onto dry land, and carries out what God wants him to do.

After picking out the key events in the story, we explored what the lessons could be for Christians today. We all agreed that it teaches to keep your faith in God, and that God will forgive us when we do wrong, if we ask His forgiveness.

major prophets

We looked at the idea that maybe Jesus’ resurrection was predicted through the story of Jonah and the Whale; Jonah was inside the whale for three days, and Jesus was in the tomb for three days. This really piqued my interest as I had never been taught about prophecy within Christianity. Next week’s session built on this interest for me.

This led nicely onto looking at prophets in the Old Testament, who were people God chose to deliver His word. We learnt that prophets can help us to understand the time in which they were living as they spoke in the context of the time. In groups, we looked into different prophets and created posters to help teach the rest of the group about them.

I really felt like I learnt a lot of new things in this session, as I had never really delved into the Old Testament prophets or a lot of the stories. I feel like teaching about this in a classroom would be really fun as it isn’t too difficult to break down the stories and peer teach.


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