Old Testament – Session 1

OT 1

Our first session on Old Testament Theology was a nice introduction to what the Old Testament includes, why there are certain groups of books, and how to understand them.

We began the session by seeing how much we already knew about the OT, including any stories, passages and books we knew. I think most of us were surprised to find that we knew more than we thought. That isn’t to say that this module will be easy! The OT is complex and there are lots of books, stories and messages in it that will take work to understand. However, I feel that by realising that we all have some knowledge, no matter how much, it will help make it more accessible and understandable as we go through this course.

We were shown some images that explain how the OT is constructed, which definitely helped me. Some of the books are chronological, while some are not and others (such as the Psalms) run through the entirety of the OT.

Once we understood the general layout of the Old Testament, we were split into pairs and each given an area of the OT to explain to the rest of the group. This was useful as while being able to focus on one aspect of the OT and simplifying it, we also got to understand other parts when each pair explained their given OT book.

Our first session on Old Testament Theology was a really good opener to the module we will study this semester, and has given us a starting point on which to develop our understanding.


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