Placement: week 2

Week two of my placement has focused on observation, much like my first week. This is to ensure I have a good understanding of how the school is run, how behaviour is managed, and just to feel comfortable before taking on a different role in the classroom.

The second week of observation has allowed me to see different classes and teachers, and observe any similarities and differences in the way classes are managed and how behaviour can differ between classes and subjects. I feel I can use this information when I begin taking on a more active role in lessons.

Towards the middle of the week I was given some Year 7 work to try marking. Cleverly, there were stickers with comments about what went well, and stickers with targets for improvements, so I just had to pick the ones that best related to the piece of work. This was done because pupils tended to need to make similar improvements. Using the printed stickers reduces marking time, while still being fully informative for the pupils. While allowing me to see the different levels of work, it also showed me how important it is to get work marked and ensure every pupil is encouraged and helped to do the best work they can.

For a couple of lessons, I took on more of a TA role, as there was a supply teacher taking the lesson. I thought it would be a good opportunity to stay with the supply for the lessons, as having observed the lessons previously, I would be able to help any pupils that were struggling with the work. The lesson was more of a consolidation lesson, so the pupils only needed help when they forgot the definition of a keyword, which made my role easier!

Having reached the end of my final week of observation, I feel a lot more prepared in moving forward in my placement, and I know that I will receive all the help I need from my Curriculum Mentor and any other teachers I work alongside.


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