Placement: week 1

Even though my first week of placement was observation, I managed to take a lot in , and get used to the overall structure of the school day. The pupils in the school seem really enthusiastic, which puts me at ease quite a bit, knowing that I won’t be faced with complete silence when asking for participation!

The observation side of this placement has allowed me to read over my Teaching Standards and observe the different ways in which they can be met in lessons. For example, high expectations were made clear from the beginning of all lessons, covering Teaching Standard 7, while spider diagram activities in class allowed pupils to explore their own ideas, adhering to Teaching Standard 4. This has helped show me how the standards can be met in lessons for all different years.

I have also seen differentiation in classes. Students working at a certain level will complete a task that meets the requirements of their pathway. The question they answer or piece of work they do on the lesson will depend on the pathway they are on.

Overall, my first week of placement has gone really well. I feel settled in the school, and am ready for the responsibilities of being a trainee teacher, and am excited to see what happens in the upcoming weeks.


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