Being a TA for the day!

I recently had the exciting opportunity to accompany some of the Year 2 RE students on a teaching day. I was assigned a student teacher, and helped her with whatever needed doing around the classes.

Throughout the day, the Year 8s were being taught about different parts of the Jewish faith. This included: teaching about the Torah; holy days Jews observe; looking at what a Synagogue is like; explaining the meaning of Kosher, and how this impacts what Jewish people eat; and also looking at the Holocaust.

Obviously, the majority of the teaching was done by the Year 2 trainee, but I presented a starter activity and a plenary in a couple of lessons through the day. My main role was to ensure that the class was paying attention to the teacher, and handle any naughty behaviour I may observe while the teacher was busy.

It was a really interesting day, and have my my first insight into the difficulty of trying to manage the behaviour of an entire class. It was also the first time I had spent all day in a school, giving me the opportunity to see how teachers work, and all they have to do in the school day.



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