Extra Reading

I must admit, that I probably haven’t done as much extra reading as I should have done. While I have taken books from the library, most of these have been to help me with my assignments, and have been on our reading list. However, this is all changing!

I recently found a book in a charity shop that gave a really nice overview of lots of the world’s religions, including some that I had never heard of. I bought this book as I felt that it would be a good place to begin my extra reading, due to it being written in quite an informal style. As well as the books I currently have from the university library, I am waiting on two more that are not on our reading lists, but that I feel will be extremely helpful for both assignments and teaching in the future.

Aside from reading, I am trying to watch as many documentaries as I can. I find documentaries more accessible than academic books, especially when I am in the beginning stages of developing my knowledge. I enjoyed watching the BBC2 programme, Muslims Like Us, not only because it clarified some misunderstandings I had, but also because it showed a unique insight into the daily lives of Muslims, and how they can be so different, even though they all follow the same religion. This was extremely important to me as I feel that many people seem to umbrella Muslims as being the same, when in actual fact, their lifestyles and personal beliefs are very diverse. I have also seen a programme advertised called Extremely British Muslims which I am looking forward to catching. I think this programme will be extremely useful, as I have to talk about modern Muslims as part of my essay, so can hopefully gain some information I can use as part of my writing.

I plan on getting many more books from both the library and online/in shops in the future, and look forward to learning as much as I possibly can during my course.

These are the books I currently have.

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