My First RE assignment!

I decided to do my assignment for this module slightly differently to my peers. Instead of doing an overview of everything we have studied, I focused on my strongest subject, and went into more detail. My assignment was a PowerPoint presentation based around the question ‘what is religion?’, but focused purely on the sociological point of views on the question.

I decided to work this way because I previously studied Sociology at A Level, and did a module on beliefs in society. As I still had my old work I felt that it would be the best way to achieve (hopefully!) a good grade for this module. My choice of how I would present my work was based on the fact that later in the course, if needed, I could use the PowerPoint as a teaching tool. It is for this reason I kept the information, although complex, concise and easy to work through and understand.

I had so much fun producing my assignment as I really felt that I put in all the information I could, in an easy-to-understand way.

This may be a short blog post, but there are limited ways to express how enjoyable my first proper Religious Education assignment was to produce!



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