My First Week of University…

So, I’ve come to the end of my first week of university, and I have to admit, it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. All of the tutors I’ve come into contact with over the course of freshers’ week and my first ‘proper’ week of study have been extremely approachable and comforting.

Initially, I was worried about the work load I would be taking on, but somehow, the tutors have completely put my mind at ease, knowing that no problem is too small to speak about. I won’t lie, however, and say that the idea of keeping a blog that people can actually read didn’t spook me at first. I’ve never been a person to keep a diary, so blogging seemed a bit alien to me. I must say though, that I am feeling more confident with each letter I type. Keeping this blog enables me to keep track of what I have been studying, while also allowing me to get more creative, and have fun with my work as I go.

Anyway, continuing on with the first week of university life. The biggest challenge for me so far? Waking up early enough to catch the train! For that to be my biggest challenge so far, I think that my university must be doing something right. But onto more pressing matters; what happened exactly in my first week of university?

I began my first week with a seminar – along with the rest of my RE QTS group – on Beginning the Study of Religion, which was very interesting. As a sort of starter/introduction, we looked into how old we think religion could be, in whichever form it took at the time, be it the traditional sort, or a less common stem of religious belief. From there, we began looking into the question of why we study religion. We were shown – in my opinion – a lovely quite , saying “The aim of studying religion is to make sense of religious behaviour: neither to endorse it, nor criticise it, but endeavour to understand it” . For me, this quote perfectly sums up my reasoning as to why I believe that studying religion is so important.

All in all, I feel that I had as good a first day I could have had.

The second day of the first week was focused on how we will develop as teachers. We were divided into mixed groups with students from the whole Secondary Teaching course and began by looking into the similarities and differences of learning in the classroom and general ‘life learning’. I felt that this allowed me to meet people I may not have met otherwise, while also enabling me to gain understanding of different perspectives on teaching and learning. We then returned to our subject specialism group and were introduced to the PPP* section of our degree, which gave an overview of how we will develop professionally over the course.

So, that has been my first week (not including freshers’ week)! I feel that I have been welcomed to the university, have met some lovely people – including the staff – and am ready to dive into my studying, preparing me for my teaching career.

*Principles, Pedagogy and Planning


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